Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - WXYZ

On the final leg, I'm almost finished my alphabet

W - butterfly wings.

X - recycled tea bags.

Y - cut from an image of a star with rays.

Z - gum leaf dyed canvas and frayed.

Close up details, finishing up with a couple of photographs on how I propose to display each letter...

I contemplated for a while on how I was going to finish my letters this time. I wanted to think outside the square and funnily enough I ended up putting them inside a square! I got little wooden boxes made and have painted them all white, here the production line is happening.

After sewing brown paper behind the letters I've glued them into place I am now awaiting 26 glass squares so I can enclose them for safe keeping. Below is a detailed group shot...

I have posted more detailed images on my blog if you would like to see more...


  1. I like this very delicate work. so nice...

  2. Thank you Lau, yes they are very delicate and it is so nice to be able to enclose them in their own little box.

  3. Love the presentation. They are beautiful little works.


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