Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome to a letter a week 2011

Welcome to a letter a week 2011, a project that began in 2010 and is primarily about having fun, experimenting and having a regular, small project to focus on each week.

The aim is simply to:
· Write/create a letter a week
· Creating 52 letters
· Which must form 2 x alphabets (that is not 52 x the letter ‘A’)
· By the end of 2011

The main rule is that the letter must be presented on a piece of material measuring 7cm x 7cm
– this helps keep a sense of uniformity amongst the pieces which helps with exhibition coherence.

The other criterion for 2011 is that ONE alphabet has to meet the criteria of "black and white and a touch of..."
- that means it's primarily a black and white alphabet with the opportunity for a touch of something to lift the piece or make you smile.

Each alphabet must be turned into a final piece which could be used for possible publication or exhibition.
- that is, you must put all the letters together into a final piece of art.

We aim to do a monthly sharing – on the first Wednesday of each month, we will share photos of our letters from the previous month.

If you'd like to join in, we are accepting new players until 31 January 2011.