Monday, October 31, 2011

Noela's October letters

...'m' is scratched into Gaudi's roof top tiles on the Casa Mila, Barcelona,
'n' is part of the word 'nomad' painted on a sign in the Moroccan desert,
'o' is again from the bronze doors on Gaudi's La Sagrada Falilia in Barcelona,
'p' is a quirky car parking sign we saw in Porto, Portugal - I don't understang the significance of the snail, but is sure is cute.
Letters in book form.

A Vegetable Letter surprise

OK I know this isn't really a letter... and its definitely not going to be my next alphabet, but I laughed when I had washed these and had a few draining by the sink.

Our soil is too dense for carrots really, hence they take off into weird and wonderful shapes.  This couple of odd-looking folk when placed together, made an interesting "M" I thought.

Must just be the letterer in me who sees letters in the weirdest things...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

JGR Second Alphabet FINISHED

Hi everyone, 
below are my letters to finish Alphabet #2.
To recap, the alphabet is classic serif letters on hand painted backgrounds-some wild and chaotic, some subtle and quiet. Letters are accented with slightly out-of-register outlines for a modern touch. 



My rule for the presentation book was that it be constructed of items already in my studio, either recycled or hand made. 

Front cover is made of hand dyed tissue paper, bleach stamped with my hand carved rubber stamps. Scanned into Photoshop, printed on slick paper and mounted to recycled cereal box. 
 Text added in Illustrator. Close-up below: Metal 'rings' are recycled from a used sketchbook (of which I have many LOL!) Holes are punched one-at-a-time with standard hole punch.
Inside cover (below left) is a monochrome version of the cover design printed on card stock adhered to opposite side of the front cover. Letters are printed, cut and mounted individually onto alternating colors of card stock in this case off white.

                                         Back cover is scrapbook paper adhered to cardboard.

I had a wonderful time with this challenge, I'm a rather sad to see it end. Thank you Fiona for coordinating this blog and thanks to all of you for your encouragement and inspiration!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Bloggers - here is my fourth set of letters - and the final lot for 2011 ...
Here I have pressed letters into small terracotta clay tiles - 20mm x 20mm - I know they are the wrong size !!! - then lightly glazed them with white low-fire glaze.
The carry case is an old box I rescued and cleaned up - perfect for the tiles ...

The purpose of the tiles is a game called Scramble - the objective and rules of the game are made up as the play progresses - the best way to play any game !!!! .... 

and a big THANK-YOU  to Fiona for coordinating this blog - and for her patience with all us late posters ... it's been fun and wonderful to follow the talented letter-creators from around the globe ...

cheers - Ken Munsie

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

next 4 letters

Am a little behind but here are the next four letters.

I continue to really enjoy creating these letters and am

pleased with how they are looking.

alaw2 - from Lee

I'm not sure why the photo refuses to stay horizontal (as it is in my original file) but as you can see I've been working away at my second alphabet as inspiration strikes, not in alphabetical order. This is cotton muslin and dye sticks - a new medium to me. They feel like creamy oil pastels to use but when you iron them they become permanent! I did a test sample and washed it several times and it seems exactly the same as when I put it in the first time! I'm boggled by the possibilities! I've been having fun playing with them, each time I layer a colour something unexpected happens :-) I'll post again once I get more letters finished.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jo Early? ... Amazing!

At last I've had time to complete my last letters for the ALAW challenge for this year.

WHEW!!!! Now all I have to do is make a book... and that's another story.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Judith's second alphabet

I used a scroll saw machine to cut these letters out of pine.
They are based on the intersecting and outer lines of a hexagon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jo - Catching Up

I've been quite remiss about my 'Letters' project. It's been a very busy few months for me. No excuse really, as everyone's busy. My last letters (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H) were posted on August 30th, so I guess I need refresh you about the process.

My 'letters' (taken literally) are printed on vellum, then scorched on the edges (as one often burns notes received). They are then attached to watercolour paper, complete with ink blots, with red sealing-wax stamped with the relevant letter.

Eventually I will turn them into a mini-book... perhaps titled 'A Book Of Letters' ?

So, on with the show... the photos are a little haphazard, not my strong point.

I'm rather hoping that these snippets of info will expand into a whole story in your imagination.