Saturday, April 30, 2011


M- with roses in the back.

N- with close-up of a sculptural piece(you can only really see the glaze )

O- with a painting of a potter( Jo, do you recognise it?)

P- with a close-up of a decorated platter I made.

And then again finished pages of the previous letters.

Backing of a cusion and a scarf.

Curtain sample book piece and dyed lace.

A scarf.

An old dress and paper from a shoe box.

A month's worth of letters - Lyndell

Like everybody else I need to comment on how quickly the time has flown!

I have been busy construction pop-up little houses - very time consuming but good fun.

However, I still can't believe that I am behind a month. The days just lately have a way of getting away on me and although I have managed to keep up with all the new posts I feel guilty that I haven't done mine.
Well, here they are! Two months worth of letters and back on track.

It is great to see how different and amazing all the letters are.

JGR April letters

Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a good month. It's hard to believe April is almost over!
I continue to enjoy the dual aspects of this technique: Part control and part 'wing-it' LOL!
M has a stark contrast between the black and polka dot center and the subtle almost delicate lettering on the left and right.
N has just a snippet of the dark and a bit of scribbling near the bottom . . .
O has almost a striped effect with contrast near the top and crackl-y texture near the center. . .
P has a somewhat 'faded' look: light on top getting darker near the bottom.
As always, thank you for viewing. Happy weekend to all!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elaine's 5

I suddenly realised that M should have been finished last month as March had 5 weeks. I only worked this out when I started to look at the letters that still needed to be finished and they didn't add up. Having had a look at what has been posted, I don't feel so bad as it seems I am not the only one!

Another month flown by

Already half way through my letters for the 1st half of the year and I love this time of the month when all your lovely letters float through onto my screen.
A wonderful variety which I'm sure give us all inspiration. They do for me.
I have for you N. L C. and K. I'm not allowed to have favourites but some letters are more exciting and lend themselves to many variations.
Ann S.

M, N, O, P - Jo

This month has flown and am just scraping in under the radar. Haven't checked everyone else's postings yet, but I will. My letters morph from collage to painting and back again. I guess it depends on what I've been doing in the studio. Heaven only knows how I'll drag the whole thing together at the end, but I'm hopeful.

Good luck everyone with your letters.  It seems you are all more organised than I am.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Continuing along - Fiona

We have been away most of this month and are home for a few days over Easter, so I kind of had to do "4 letters a month" this time; making all 4 letters over the past few days.

I have completed m,n,o and p which keeps me on track I think!

Here are last month's (which were still on the table waiting...) and this month's all bundled together. I like the graphic nature of them they look so startling all together.

And here is 'M', nicely folded

This month's quartet all folded and tossed together...

I love the angles and the shapes these form; I could play with them for ages!

I am still pondering the final putting together..turning out to be quite indecisive with regard to it! We shall see...

Julie's MNOP

Here we go...
These are so fun to do!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gemma's April letters

Don't these look like little creatures?  Perhaps I should rename them Conversation Critters.

If you can spot the mistake, I'll buy you an ice cream or a late when you visit Tasmania!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jenny's April Letters...

...early!  School holidays are a wonderful thing.  It's nice to have enough letters now to have a look at the overall effect.  I'm still not sure how to put these together but I am hoping inspiration will hit soon...

Friday, April 8, 2011

The film rolls on...

I OP to MN this month and I am hoping this puts me ahead of schedule. I am thinking that I should have done the whole alphabet together, who knows I may be I will be in a more flamboyant mood when next I put bleach to fabric!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

March Letters

Here is the next set - sorry it's a bit late.  Elderly parents, sibling and sister-in-law both in the hospital and physio for me.  Life is just a bit crazy for me right now.  Doing these squares is a welcome distraction - note definitely distracted as the "L" square didn't quite work out with the colour scheme - oops!  Violet

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heather's Art Deco Alphabet....March Chapter

Hope you're not bored with these letters...they are a bit monotonous but the end product will be worth the wait....I hope.
Not every movie is an Oscar winner ..... these letters are quiet achievers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

les lettres de Lau

Here are my letters of march,
Black, white and brightened up !

Almost half of the alphabet.
That begins to make a long accordion...

I would mean to all the participants that I like coming to admire all that you make.
Every visit is very exciting for me. Bravo, and thank you.