Saturday, August 18, 2012

The end...



Je demande à nouveau à Fiona de bien vouloir accepter mes excuses pour mon "retard"... si cela s'appelle encore ainsi, de même qu'à tous les participants... Je me suis laissée dépasser par les évènements...
I ask again Fiona kindly accept my apology for my "late" ... if it is still called so, as well as all the participants ... I let myself be overtaken by events ...

Mais je voulais finir....
But I wanted to finish ....

Donc voici
so here

l'alphabet noir et blanc avec une touche de couleur...
alphabet black and white with a touch of color ...

les dernières lettres du deuxième alphabet...
the last letters of the second alphabet ...

et les albums  que j'ai réalisés avec les lettres...
and small books that I have made ​​with the letters ...

Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation pour 2012.
I wish you good luck for 2012.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hooray I finally completed the Black & White alphabet! It took a long while to find the time but decided to put then into concertina book form that is an endless style with half the alphabet on one side and remaniing letters on the other side. Made a box for it to fit into. Valerie

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ta da! 2011 finished

Alphabet 2 for 2011 is done! I am pleased with the final result of this alphabet. I had this in mind when I started, so it was a hard thing to get my head around doing it week by week. 

It bubbled away for months, but as usual I rushed it at the end and the lettering is not as beautiful as I would have liked. 

... Z 

A to ...
I would have liked A at the top - sometimes these things are a mystery to me!
I am going dotty trying to think of something for 2012 ... see you in the next blog,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Late.. but done at last ... JO

Have been putting off the completion of my second alphabet for 2011. You know what it's like when you aren't too confident about something... procrastinate right?!
I'm no bookbinder and this was quite a challenge for me. Sooooo, here's the finished product:

Forgot to take into account the thickness of each signature and perhaps should have put some sort of 'spacer' between them to get them to sit well (and tightly).  Maybe those bookbinders out there will have a tip or two for me.

Not perfect by a long shot... and I might just undo it and re-sew if required for a show, but it was a great learning exercise and the next book will be better. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lyndell - beginnings for 2012

Hello from Canberra Australia where we seem to be having, if not Winter at least Autumn. The weather has not been at all like the summer we are used to.

I have made a start on my alphabet. I can only plead a very busy time at work for my not being any further ahead than this. Still, it is a start. And I have some idea of where I am going with it.

I have been very impressed with all the posts so far - great work. It is lovely being a part of this community.


The Helvetica Variations #7

I confess I have been hiding. I am way behind; this latest variation doesn't quite fit the guidelines, for that matter most of the variation don't, but I have had great fun, lots of challenges, met some very generous people, and, am waiting for the final variation which should be finished at the end of the month. But I thought I better post these and stop hiding. So here are the variations.

So this is how I started, carving letters out of a book block

I had wanted the edges of the negative and positive shapes to be very clean

Building the template for the positive shapes
First trials for the bridges
Another variation, drilled 
Drilled but not quite what I was seeing

Braille variation

How about a bath, Variation #? I've lost count

After the bath

OK, try something else, letters done with gyproc filler, layer one on top of the other, each letter erases the next
Find Will at Charm City Laser, 1st trial

I'm liking this

Opening the laser cut magazine

X, detail

Z, detail of the positive and negative shapes