Thursday, March 31, 2011

Julie's IJKL

I am just LOVING all your letters!! Such creativity and beauty.
Wouldn't it be fun to have them all in a show together??
Here are my latest humble submissions...
cut paper on pastepaper backgrounds...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My next Four

Hi all,
The frightening thing about each Blog is that another month has passed and I'm sure like you all the year is going all too quickly.
Like my 2 previous entries I am following the same theme with F U Y & D for the month of March.

Kindest Ann S.

March letters from Mieke.

My next four and previous finished pages.

I,- A photo of a sweet angle,again all printed on muslin.

J,-My daughters hand print in clay, about 16 years ago!

K,-A beaded tassel

L,-A print from Africa.

And then the letters from last month in there next stage

background of material from many years back (about 35!) I just love it so its still here.

Background of tissue-paper from blundstone shoebox.

background of tea-dyed muslin with  some nice coloured leaves I found.

Background of a mixture of muslin, flower material from above and a bit of one of my collagraph printing board.

Wendy's March Letters

Here are my March letters. I am also including "A" redone with a box around it and an alternate version of "E". I actually did this E first, but couldn't find it when I was getting ready to post last time. Disorganization meant I had to do it again. Just more of an excuse to play. I have been finding time to do some art mot days and at least every week. A Letter a Week is helping me keep on track--it's like I have given myself blanket permission to play!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Judith's next instalment...

The latest from Judith.

Helen's letters

Up to date at last!


I, J, K, L - Jo

This month has flown and my letters are due again. As always they are colourful, sort of untidy (compared to the VERY well crafted calligraphers work), and could probably change slightly towards the end of the project.

I, J, K, L

Still can't decide the best way to display them.... box, concertina book, or one BIG collaged piece. Does anyone care to suggest an option?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Late letters for February

About time, I know! I just couldn't get my letters done in order this time, try as I might. So H will have to wait till I am inspired. The letters sit on my desk staring at me and sometimes I spend hours trying to get them to work until I give up and the next time I go past, maybe a week later, it hits me. But the H is eluding me at the moment. At least A, B, C. D and E were done last time, so I am still one ahead. ... then I had lots of trouble trying to remember what my scanning settings were last time. So I hope they look the same!

Meg, confuzed as always

JGR March Letters

Hi everyone, this year is really zooming by and things have been busy here. I'm dangerously close to being 'caught up' though. LOL. Here are my letters for March: I, J, K, L.
I continue to enjoy this spontaneous and slightly unpredictable technique.

Some areas of the texture are delicate and subtle . . .
. . . others are bold and dark,

. . . and they all just make me smile. Thank you for visiting-have a great week!

some new... some overdue!

Happy spring everyone!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Letters

Busy time and I keep forgetting to post my letters. As they say "my bad", so here are i,j , k and l. Have also realized that the letters are suppose to be black and white and a touch of...well , as I didn't read the instructions carefully mine are black, shades of gray and the tiny box to hold them will be red. Close, but no tomato. I am really enjoying this project and love seeing what everyone is coming up with. Thanks all for the pleasure.

March Letters

I have found sewing these letters quite a challenge as the Unrushi paper has a tendency to split.

I am going to mount each letter into a photo frame style book with a concertina spine.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

These four letters have been some of the easier ones to decide how I wanted to form them. The I initially created the K as in the last picture, but then felt it didn't fit how I was making the other letters. As always, enjoying all the wonderful creating that is on this blog.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Noela's March letters

Yes, I'm a week early - hooray - I need to get a bit ahead of myself as I will be away for a couple of months and need to get a bit of a stock pile happening.
Here are the letters i, j, k and l, loosely based on the Mayan alphabet, created with copper wire sandwiched between layers of teabag and scumbled with gold wax. They will hang in a window when finished.
...taken with flash... 
...and without flash.

I really love the alphabets that are appearing from the bloggasphere. I don't always comment, but I am often awestruck by how you all manage to make so much of a single letter!!, and I especially love the companionship of everyone in these trying times xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

God's act B



2nd post


following my first post idea of letters which spell thoughts that stand by themselves, I am now posting the letters which together with the first lot enables me to spell a thought that occupies my mind a lot of the time,

It is us, humans


"God's act B"

is about the biblical story of God creating the first humans, Adam and Eve.

In the book of Genesis, chapter one describes the creation of the world and chapter two which tells us of the creation of these two.

As in my first set of four letters published last month ABC&D I described a beginning being the first 4 letters in the Roman alphabet.

In the second publication I am going back into my childhood where I first started to think about humans as beings outside of myself.

As a child , growing up in Israel and studding the old testament which was something every child had to do from very young age regardless of their personal beliefs, engraved images of the stories are still in my mind today even though I don't follow any of these teachings.

however, the thought that we had come from dirt and that the story is a written theory in a book fits well into this work with the letters made of steel (iron ore)

"God's act B"

From dust..... to dust

Friday, March 11, 2011

February's Letters

I did the letters on time, but am a little slow in posting them this month. The first two continue the alphabet, but the S and P are early. I wanted to use them on envelopes for cards for two of my friends, so I did them early. I photocopied the letters onto the front of the envelope and then with a fine pigma pen, I lettered the rest of their name in architectural letters coming out from the base of the letters.

Wendy in rainy Burnaby, B.C.