Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Noela's B & W Letters for August

...E- from Sagrada Familia bronze doors,
...F- city drain cover, London,
...G- Miro sculpture, Barcelona,
...H- Graffiti on Gaudi's tiles, rooftop, Casa Mila, Barcelona,

E, F, G, H in book form.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fiona's August letters

I'm slowly stumbling my way along this path of letters this time...and have managed to make the next four.

They are  a little bit wonky, but that just adds to their charm perhaps!?!?

Anyhow here are E, F, G & H.  I would like to incorporate them into some form of pop up book - they seem so lively and not at all serious,  I think they deserve some fun!

At last... Jo's letters

So sorry I'm VERY late.  I feel like my whole life is running two months late these days. Despite this I've managed to, eventually, get my 'letters' done for July and August.

Being prone to a little whimsy I've taken Fiona's challenge QUITE literally this time and have written a missive for each week.  After all that's what the alphabet is for isn't it, to communicate?

I began with some 330gm watercolour paper and some splattered black. My 'letters' I printed on vellum and then scorched the sides.  This made them quite wonky, so I had to press them for a while under some books.  I wanted a feeling that there might have been some attempt to destroy them, as one does with notes one receives.

The watercolour paper has been torn and folded into 'signatures' with a view to making a book eventually, if I can remember how (thanks to Noela for the lesson),  and the 'letters' secured with sealing wax imprinted with the letter of the alphabet.

My 'letters' run the entire gamut of communications... greetings, advice, warnings, romance, etc., and many are quite ambiguous.  I hope you will all find something that sparks your imagination in some way, so that you can picture a scenario between two people.

Paper and blots

The next instalment might be another two months away, so hope you're still interested.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I know i'm very late with this one, black and white and a bit of ???? I don't know yet.
But here is a start done some letters and thats it for now, I still have to work out what to do with them.

The first 4, so the letters for July.
I supose I can cal them toolshed letters!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JGR -September

I'm posting my third installment of Alphabet #2, a little early- things are busy here and I don't want to forget.
Continuing with backgrounds in abstract
monochromatic texture, sometimes subtle . . .

other times more bold and chaotic. The letters are simple forms with an 'out of register' white outline to add some dimension.
I'm using lower case, but made an exception for the L-it's more interesting in caps, I think.
Thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gemma's black, white & a hint of ...

Let there be light ... ahhhh!

This alphabet is based on what I am doing at present in other works.  Gessoed panels, hints of David Jones' letterforms, pencil work and piercings.  Above you will see the development of an alphabet which encompasses all of what I am about at present ... and why not!  As I am in to things hanging these too will hang in a mobile of letterforms. I hope you enjoy these.

Noela's B & W with a touch of....

Hi everyone,
Yes, I know I have dropped off the radar, but I HAVE been doing 'stuff' with my letters.
I was in Morocco, UK and Europe earlier this year and I deliberately took photos of text to use for this project. I have chosen to drop the piccies back to B & W and then add some sepia for my touch of colour.
Most photos have not been edited except to change the colour and maybe to delete some distracting background.
I have made a prototype concertina book, printing onto old heavy weight paper, but would like to make another more interesting book for the final product. This is where I get stuck - my book art skills are lacking. This is the 'front page' of the prototype. here we go with letters for July:
... HUGE shop front letters in London,
...municipal logo on large bin 'skips' in Barcelona,
...bronze doors to Gaudi's amazing 'Sagrada Familia' in Barcelona,
...many of my letters are derived from this door, so here is the original ,
...HUGE shop front letters in London,

A,B,C,D of concertina book

Kim Schoenberger - EFGH & I

Hello everyone! Staying true to my KISS Method here are my letters for August EFGH & I - I am actually early this month, we've had two wet and windy days in a row and I didn't feel like being out in the cold ~ so I decided to play catch up with my indoor work.

Its amazing how much I seem to accumulate around my Treadle Sewing Machine each week, this month I literally had to move stuff out of the way to get to the machine! It seems everthing I look at these days is recycled and becomes fodder for an artwork.

E - thin copper sheeting from the copper tooling days. I was supprised how easy this was to sew, I don't think it did any harm to the machine, I know I'll definitely be doing this again.

F - an old tag worn off from a pair of LEVI jeans.

G - a tattered cloth from a prayer flag.

H - a muffin wraper (my other half just loves muffins, and this particular wrapper was to nice to throw away - I think he's getting used to me, he doesn't question my behaviour anymore!)


I - cotton banding ribbon from a dress.

I just loved the look of these letters so I thought I'd share extra photo's with a bit more detail.

Lau's letters, ABCD, alphabet2

hello everyone!
Here I am for the second alphabet.
I do love black and white!.... this time, I added embossing to Neuland letters, and black gouache on "contre-formes".
The first letters :

In fact, I had another idea with those letters, and I also made that (color pencils on black paper) :