Friday, September 16, 2011

OK, OK so I have been tardy

I have been feeling as though I have let the ALAW 2011 team down over the last little while as I had not got started with the first alphabet for 2011. Strangely enough I know what the end product is - a Pause and Reflection Post based on a single alphabet.

The letters I want to share in this post are those for the first reflective word - Mindful.

Barry Smith © Letters in wood - M
Barry Smith © Letters in wood - I
Barry Smith © Letters in wood - N
Barry Smith © Letters in wood -D
Barry Smith © Letters in wood - F

Barry Smith © Letters in wood - U
Barry Smith © Letters in wood - L
The letters above are routed into a 150mm square wooden post that is about 1.2m high. When finished the post is meant to be a destination point in a garden - somewhere to wander to and circle the post and reflect on the words on the four faces of the post. The post has to sit in the weather so the letters can 'cure' and grey.

I'm using capitals of a popular script known as "Barry scrawl" - there is a basic form but it is not calligraphy and the router is not a great pen or brush. The photos were taken in the late afternoon so some great shadows going on. I have not sanded the rough edges off because I would lose all that aged look of the wood.


  1. Nice work Barry... but what happens when you get left with Q, X, and Z?

  2. this is wonderful -
    what a great project/blog...

  3. I love the rough hewn look of these letters...


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