Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Helvetica Variations #7

I confess I have been hiding. I am way behind; this latest variation doesn't quite fit the guidelines, for that matter most of the variation don't, but I have had great fun, lots of challenges, met some very generous people, and, am waiting for the final variation which should be finished at the end of the month. But I thought I better post these and stop hiding. So here are the variations.

So this is how I started, carving letters out of a book block

I had wanted the edges of the negative and positive shapes to be very clean

Building the template for the positive shapes
First trials for the bridges
Another variation, drilled 
Drilled but not quite what I was seeing

Braille variation

How about a bath, Variation #? I've lost count

After the bath

OK, try something else, letters done with gyproc filler, layer one on top of the other, each letter erases the next
Find Will at Charm City Laser, 1st trial

I'm liking this

Opening the laser cut magazine

X, detail

Z, detail of the positive and negative shapes


  1. What an amazing process! I love the way you've explored this.

  2. Fabulous! I love the way you pull out the letters and photograph them. Was the laser cutting expensive? Beats hand cutting by a mile. My husband is a sculptor and has had sheet metal laser cut for a series of bird sculptures. But I never thought of applying it to paper until now.

  3. Hi Jo and Confused, thanks for your comments, the $#@# piece is still not finished, the steel letters were suppose to be done last week , I am still waiting for them, The paper laser was pretty resonable , but next time I would use much heavier paper, they are very tricky to remove and not tear, bigger bridges next time. Can't wait to see how the steel ones look, will post when I finally get them.


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