Sunday, January 30, 2011

Metal letters for January

ALaW 2011 is a bit a a challenge for a metal worker. How to do the black and white thing with a bit of something was the challenge - what metal is white - none really. I thought aluminium might be the go but was informed that it is actually silver or dull grey.

So I have spray painted my galvanised tin matt white. I have used metal from rusted black metal strapping (used for binding timber together for delivery); pop rivets hold the letters in place; and small pieces of green and copper anodised aluminium add the 'little something'.


  1. Bold and geometric Barry - they'll look fabulous all together at the end.

  2. A great idea, Barry, and a challenge no doubt with certain letters!! xoxoxo

  3. B, yes, I'm hearing ya! Blk & White are rare in metal, I think that's why I opted to go plastic instead of metal discards this time. Love the pop rivet idea. K

  4. What a challenge for you Barry, and you met it head-on. Great results.

  5. Quel beau travail ! C'est un véritable défi d'assembler les lettres.

    What a beautiful job! It is a challenge to assemble the letters.


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