Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 1st blog for 2011

Happy New Year to all,

I have tried a few ideas for the Black 'n White theme and this I am happy with.
I have used Lana 300gsm using the, not the right side but the smooth side and this was my preference. Black ink with Gouache, always a favourite medium.
The letters are Celtic and have filled the letter spaces with knots to give an overall interesting effect. Ann S


  1. Hi Ann - thanks for being the first to post! I love the extra little swirls in these letters, along with the nice knots inside. Very delicious!

  2. Hi Ann, I'm loving these, they look great! I've also started with the black and white task and used red, too. Red, black & white look so good together, especially with your celtic flavour.

  3. It looks great! I like it very much. Très chic!

  4. Wonderful and light and lively, Ann!

  5. Hi Ann, these are beautiful - the Celtic connection is close to my heart, and the backgroung knots are especially gorgeous xoxo

  6. I knew you had some wonderful work up your sleeve Ann. Fabulous. We can chat Celtic any time! X gb


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