Monday, January 31, 2011

black, white and a touch of ...

So far, so good! I'm on track.

This is my black, white and a touch of ... alphabet.

Another layered work, using the ruling pen alphabet I did in 2010 in my first little book. I think it makes a good balance for the geometric shapes.

The bottom layer is a block of black lower case 'a's, 'b's, 'c's, etc in Courier font, printed by inkjet on Canson paper.

In between this and the ruling pen letter (scanned and printed as a tint of black on tracing paper) there is a geometric shape resembling a A, B C etc. This is my touch of colour - a rich brown.

I like the way the ruling pen letters look like shadows, and the freedom of the ruling pen letters offsets the formality of the typeset letters.

These are glued together flat, and will be put in a small box when finished.

Looking forward to seeing all the work again this year. It is such fun opening the blog every few days to new work!
Keep it up everyone,


  1. I like the modernity and the contrast between typo and gestual calligraphy. it's a good balance. Great!

  2. Beautiful Meg! So geometric, yet so free!

  3. Wonderful Meg! These are so unique and fresh!! Very inspiring.

  4. Meg - they feel like perfect design - the ruling pen letters and the geometric-ness of the shadow shape and the repeat pattern in the background. A visual delight!

  5. These are just beautiful. A wonderfully resolved combination of different lettering.

  6. These are just wonderful. A beautifully resolved combination of different lettering.

  7. These letters are as beautiful as my wife is, truly. They are formal yet are loose, fully balanced, consistent and with lots of tonal value. good on you Meg, keep it up (:-

  8. Hey Meg ... I love your work, everything that comes from your hand is superb. Again, more stunning stuff. As your darling fishon says .. fully balanced! x gb

  9. Beautiful, well resolved, design Meg.

  10. Beau contraste entre les différents types de lettres.

    Beautiful contrast between the different types of letters.


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