Monday, May 9, 2011

April offerings

These are getting harder . . . I must go back and look at the rest again! All the easy ones are done now.
I also don't know why the colour is different from the January batch. I didn't write down any of the specs when I first scanned them. They all look the same in the 'flesh' - just not on screen. Very frustrating!

No more for a while,



  1. As long as they look the same colour when they are all together there's no problem. Cameras (and computers) are difficult to co-ordinate sometimes. They are lovely letters.

  2. Oh, I think these are wonderful and so unique!

  3. I love your letters, the designs are so beautifully integrated.

  4. Well Meg, if they are getting harder they look fantastic! Good on you, your talent is positively beeming through your work.

  5. Yer, I'm liking these alot. Nice works.

  6. almost architectual, and such exquisite precision....great stuff.!!


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