Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - NOPQ

BLACK & WHITE With a touch of... ME, RED, & my focus on PLASTIC!

I'm late, I'm late!!! Please don't shut the gate...I remember reciting this one as a kid. Classic!

N - With o touch of... dot-to-dot, when I was a kid I spent hours amusing myself with these. We would travel alot on our school holiday's and mum would buy us things to entertain us for the journey. A tad different to today, eh! Sewn with the deadly treadley sewing machine, the plastic round reminder rim (focus on plastic rims - cut before disposing of!). Woodcut print with red printing ink.

O - With a touch of... Four plastic round reminder rims - to refresh (for those not aware) the rims are my focal point on plastic - that is, to bring to my awareness to remember to cut them up before disposing of, so they don't end up getting caught around birds necks and strangling them. I'm amazed once I started looking at them the amount of different sizes they can be found in. It happened that the centre rim has a bird in it. Red & black printing ink.

P - With a touch of... This one is reminiscent of my ole' blue jeans with all my patches on, complete with the button. A tad wonky sewing going on in this one. Black printing ink with woodcut print. Red printing ink collage sewn on.

Q - With a touch of... More plastic round reminder rims, black and white. The \ (slash) on the Q is from a cable (zippy) tie. Stitches sewn on the deadly treadley sewing machine. Red printing ink and side floral print from an Indian recycled fabric printing block.


  1. Very creative Kim. You're on a roll!

  2. These are wonderful-worth waiting for!

  3. Thanks guys - I was a tad reluctant to work in paper with the ALaW, but now I am glad I have - It's loosening me up....

  4. just love the whimsicality of them all....makes me want to branch out on my film scroll. Love them....

  5. Isn't it great to do something different, as you say changes your thinking. They look great.

  6. Fantastic Plastic Kim - I love the detail in each piece and the harmony of them all together, standing strong, telling their story.


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