Saturday, December 31, 2011

First alphabet for 2011 finished!

Talk about at the eleventh hour! Alphabet with a touch of ... is finished.

This year has been a very hectic one. Our trip to NY was fabulous with some wonderful calligraphic discoveries.

It took me ages to work out the details for this one. I knew it was going to be in a box, but then couldn't find the little brass thingy (no idea what they are actually called) to pin my letters together so it was like a book. Gemma to the rescue! Itzick and I went to Hobart to see MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) and spent a lovely morning with Gemma and David. She produced the 'thingy' when I was talking about how I wanted to present my alphabet. Then I had to make the box - no problem. But what to do for the 'covers' of the book! Anyway, here it is. I am very pleased with myself.

So here are  to

Number 2 is on the way - believe it or not! And with a couple more days off before getting back to work I hope to finish it very soon.

All the best for the New Year everyone.


  1. This is so elegant, and so complete... well done.

  2. It looks delicious like a box of chocolates - good enough to eat! I love those moments when the plan and the idea can be brought to fruition - and it works just as you wished! Looks great Meg, and well done Gemma!


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