Saturday, February 26, 2011

e, f, g, h

Thinking about these letters and that there was the option of coloured letters or white letters, I decided I wanted to have both, as kind of negative and positive. I'm thinking for presentation I'll put base to base.
This alphabet started as very basic, geometric shapes and as I have started to move through the alphabet, having started with an "A" which was just a triangle (no "legs to the "A") the question was then what was the "E" going to look like? A rectangle or with the horizontal lines shown?? I still haven't quite decided which will be the final letter I use...same goes for the "F". When I started this alphabet I did not anticipate this. :-) Pondering how to follow through with creating an alphabet using very basic geometric shapes also lead me to thinking whether it is truly an alphabet if you can't create legible words but really just have marks. I haven't come to a decision about that. Is it an alphabet even if the symbols aren't meaningful to anyone other than the creator??

If the "E" is a rectangle, wouldn't it follow that the "H" was also a rectangle? This is where I got to wondering about just symbols vs meaningful or easily identifiable symbols. As a side note, I sprained my ankle and one of the exercises the physio suggested I do is to draw out the letters of the alphabet with my foot!


  1. Wonderful letters Chuckie! So very geometric, and I love the colors and pos/neg. Very cool.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ponderings, your explorations and your journey - it makes it so interesting to understand what the artist was thinking and exploring at the time. I love the simplicity of the forms and the whole positive/negative thing.

  3. It wouldn't be the first time Chuckie that an alphabet would have been drawn with the foot!

    As to the "alphabet question" if it is an alphabet to you and you enjoyed and made sense of it, then perhaps it wouldn't matter to anyone else would it?

    E & H rectangles? All the capital letters are based on the geometric proportions of a square and YES Chuckie "E" is a rectangle (1/2 a square) but just not quite the same rectangle as the H which is 3/4 of the same square. Lesson in geometrics over for the day! :-)

    Well done you and your thoughts, keep them coming.


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