Saturday, February 5, 2011

Metalfabet 1

I sculpt, there for I am

All the letters I will be creating for " letter a week'' will be formed and shaped out of steel into 3D objects. For my first encounter with the art that lives inside the written word I have decided to focus more on the letters as objects then on what colour I will employ to cover them up with. The letters will be made of raw metal, a bit rusty in some places, a bit shiny in others and very organic. They will be cut by hand out of thin steel sheets into 10 mm strips and then folded into letter shapes with some extra bits that will form connecting tabs. There will be no welding nor soldering done, no bolting and no gluing.

By connecting various letters which will spell words or sentences that express my thoughts I will form abstract shaped objects or....

"thoughts that stand up by themselves, for themselves"


  1. Brilliant - what an exciting concept.

  2. Itzick these are just wonderful - simple forms yet so intriguing. I love them!

  3. ...and I love the feets!! They really do stand on their own! I'd have them placed all over the house. Wonderful!

  4. No bolting, no gluing no soldering ... fabulous I await your creations! x gb

  5. How exciting an addition to ALAW. Love the notion of expressing your thoughts.

  6. I think it's fantastic. strength and simplicity. just great!


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