Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wendy's First Four Letters

Hi everybody,
My first alphabet is "Black and White and a touch of ...RED". I did a short class with Bev Allen several months ago on various types of versals. The ones I have chosen to do are related to Zentangles in that they are essentially filled with repetitive doodles. The is essentially "living room art"--pencil, eraser, black and red monoline pens.. I didn't put a border on my first letter, but felt the "B" needed one and then used one on the others. I will have to see whether I want to redo "A" with a border, or use a mix of borders and no borders.

Wendy in Burnaby, B .C., Canada


  1. They are lovely and free and whimsical Wendy -a great way to spend time in the living room!

  2. And a different one again, just beautifull, I love the borders to!

  3. Wendy- I like these doodles, and the borders are so nice!

  4. Hi Wendy!
    Bev would be so proud of you! Gorgeous Zentangles! And I like the borders too!

  5. Hi Wendy,
    My thoughts are the borders make for a completed finish. Yes, redo "A". Love them.
    Ann S.

  6. Hey Wendy, what Zen inspired stuff! Beautiful x gb

  7. Wendy, doodling sounds too easy to describe these lovely letters.


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