Saturday, February 26, 2011

FEBRUARY from Mieke.

Here are my next lot of letters, as before printed on muslin with a background of some photo's I took from various pieces I like.
                     Background of a little display cabinet with mini pottery I made some time ago.
                                               Background of a piece of white-washed  timber.
                                         Some more clay,  just some curly-wurlies pieces on sticks I like doing.
                             A bit hard to see here, 1 teapot 1 lidded pot I did in a soda firing workshop.

I will post my previous letters in every post but 1 step closer to finished piece which will be a artist book hopefully.
             The background sheet I made by scanning several objects and then printing on 220gr paper.
                Here just corrugated cardboard with feathers from my chookies. I the printed some words        beginning with the corresponding letter. Then sewing the letter on top.
                                  Background scanning of textured wallpaper.
A Scarf scanned.
White and tea-dyed muslin.


  1. Wonderfully creative Mieke. Each page will be a separate little work of art.

  2. Mieke you like you are having fun - loads of exploring and testing and doing different things. The book will be beautiful - I love all the textured backgrounds.

  3. What a great book that is going to be!

  4. It seems to be a result of an advanced resarch. A lot of creativity. All these elements go together so well. Very nice!


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