Tuesday, May 31, 2011


OK! I guess I cannot pretend, or keep a secret! I am not good with projects that the element of a deadline looming is not near...

I have to admit that I finished my black and white with a touch of pattern (and light) alphabet some time ago, and I have been going through the motions of every now and then posting updates on the progress, kind of... faking/pretending that I am still slowly working on it...

As I said, I am not good at faking or pretending; so here it is:

Anna's black and white with a touch of pattern and light Alphabet Flag Structure Book!
Digitally generated alphabet, printed with archival pigmented inks on Epson paper.
I used vellum on the concertina section for its translucence quality, thus facilitating the "light" element of my composition. 
Photographed lit from the back, to "showcase" the translucency of the structure.


  1. WOW! This is gorgeous! Congrats on finishing early, too.

  2. I'm with Jane... an inspirational effort.

  3. jgr: thank you!

    Jo: "inspirational effort" is THE greatest compliment; thank you!

  4. You have created a perfect way to show off your letters. Congratulations!

  5. Another WOW! I think this is fabulous Anna.

  6. Stunning Anna - I love the graphic nature of it and the simplicity of the black and white and light. You have the flag book down pat by the look - it just looks lovely all over!

  7. gorgeous...fabulous...stunning... I cant find others words on my on-line translation site to say how wonderful is your work, Anna!

  8. Gemma: I love WOWs, especially when they come from artists I admire... Thank you!!!

    Bonnie: thank you!

    Fiona: I am very happy you like my ABC structure; I love yours and can't wait to see the finale!

    Lau: You are too kind! Les mots que vous avez choisi sont parfait! Merci mille!!!


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