Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At last... Jo's letters

So sorry I'm VERY late.  I feel like my whole life is running two months late these days. Despite this I've managed to, eventually, get my 'letters' done for July and August.

Being prone to a little whimsy I've taken Fiona's challenge QUITE literally this time and have written a missive for each week.  After all that's what the alphabet is for isn't it, to communicate?

I began with some 330gm watercolour paper and some splattered black. My 'letters' I printed on vellum and then scorched the sides.  This made them quite wonky, so I had to press them for a while under some books.  I wanted a feeling that there might have been some attempt to destroy them, as one does with notes one receives.

The watercolour paper has been torn and folded into 'signatures' with a view to making a book eventually, if I can remember how (thanks to Noela for the lesson),  and the 'letters' secured with sealing wax imprinted with the letter of the alphabet.

My 'letters' run the entire gamut of communications... greetings, advice, warnings, romance, etc., and many are quite ambiguous.  I hope you will all find something that sparks your imagination in some way, so that you can picture a scenario between two people.

Paper and blots

The next instalment might be another two months away, so hope you're still interested.


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