Friday, August 5, 2011

Fiona's folding begins

Well I've kind of, almost, just about, snuck in the door in time with my letters for the second alphabet.

I have been wanting to fold paper into letters, or maybe do 3-D pop-up letters. Or somehow combine them both. In the end I decided I didn't think I had it in me to actually conceptualise pop-up letters in a stylish rather than naive manner, so I have gone with folding paper.

I like the way the letter is kind of the negative space and that the patterned part is the absence, not the letter.

They have been fun, trying to work out what size paper will fold down to a 7cm letter, and think thru the folds.

Here is A, B, C & D, the happy foursome all together.


  1. Oh, this is SO clever - and rainbow colours as well xoxoxoxo

    From Noela who is having unhappy days with blogger...

  2. Fiona, I LOVE these!
    I have also been going through a MAJOR folding paper phase (not for alphabet creating...) and I understand how puzzling the process can be...
    Your A B C D are super smart and striking!!!

  3. Fiona, these are wonderful! I love the bright colors and bold simplicity.

  4. These work so well. How clever you are. Love the spots! So original.

  5. OOOOO! I love folding paper. I love letters. I love these!

  6. I love these too! How beautiful and colourful not to forget to mention very clever.

  7. I know your mid-year has been full too! These are great Fiona! x

  8. So simple (apparently... I know!) and so punchy!!


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