Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here are the finished pages from Mieke.

O.K. I will post all the finished pages that are left to show you, I know there is quite a list coming but as you know I am way behind and like to catch up and start on my next ABC.
Q- background of the letter is a photo of part of a lampshade,
the page is a scanned scarf.

R- on a background photo of apiece of rugged timber.
The page is scanned again this time some nice coloured leaves on muslin. 

S- with a background photo of a a painting from my granddad.
Page, some scanned tea-dyed muslin.

T- on a photo of part of my clock.
Page scanned upholstery material.
U-On a photo of some flowers.
Page, scanned textured wallpaper.

V- on a photo of more flowers.
Page scanned feathers on wallpaper.

W- on a photo of a wreath.
Page, scanned old dress.

X- on a photo of a watering can.
Page, scanned wallpaper.

Y- on a photo of  a coaster.
Page, a mixture of material, wallpaper, newspaper, feathers and muslin.

Z-on a photo of a framed needlework.
Page, bark and leaf behind tulle on muslin.


Thanks for taking the time to comment on our work - we really appreciate it!