Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Bloggers - here is my fourth set of letters - and the final lot for 2011 ...
Here I have pressed letters into small terracotta clay tiles - 20mm x 20mm - I know they are the wrong size !!! - then lightly glazed them with white low-fire glaze.
The carry case is an old box I rescued and cleaned up - perfect for the tiles ...

The purpose of the tiles is a game called Scramble - the objective and rules of the game are made up as the play progresses - the best way to play any game !!!! .... 

and a big THANK-YOU  to Fiona for coordinating this blog - and for her patience with all us late posters ... it's been fun and wonderful to follow the talented letter-creators from around the globe ...

cheers - Ken Munsie


  1. Clever you... who cares if they're the wrong size!!!! I endorse your final sentiment with a BIG thanks to Fiona.

  2. How creative! Reminds me of pirate's gold.

  3. Thank you Ken - they are such warm and welcoming letters, you just want to run your hands thru them and play. I am about to copy that last photo - I love it!

  4. Ken Munsie, these are the greatest!


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