Saturday, October 29, 2011

JGR Second Alphabet FINISHED

Hi everyone, 
below are my letters to finish Alphabet #2.
To recap, the alphabet is classic serif letters on hand painted backgrounds-some wild and chaotic, some subtle and quiet. Letters are accented with slightly out-of-register outlines for a modern touch. 



My rule for the presentation book was that it be constructed of items already in my studio, either recycled or hand made. 

Front cover is made of hand dyed tissue paper, bleach stamped with my hand carved rubber stamps. Scanned into Photoshop, printed on slick paper and mounted to recycled cereal box. 
 Text added in Illustrator. Close-up below: Metal 'rings' are recycled from a used sketchbook (of which I have many LOL!) Holes are punched one-at-a-time with standard hole punch.
Inside cover (below left) is a monochrome version of the cover design printed on card stock adhered to opposite side of the front cover. Letters are printed, cut and mounted individually onto alternating colors of card stock in this case off white.

                                         Back cover is scrapbook paper adhered to cardboard.

I had a wonderful time with this challenge, I'm a rather sad to see it end. Thank you Fiona for coordinating this blog and thanks to all of you for your encouragement and inspiration!


  1. Wow. Your work is fantastic. Love the finished product.

  2. Hi Jane - I love all the letters - especially X and Y for some reason. And the book - what a great idea to use what you have and make it beautiful. I really love the font you used for the cover page and title - delicious. It's been great to have you here - will see how we go with 2012...

  3. This is such a beautiful piece Jane. Clever you.

  4. I love your letters - the handmade backgrounds, the offset type, the delicious colors. But then to see how you made the book...I'm inspired. I found this project late to join this year but have been thinking about how I might participate in 2012....your alphabet - simple but elegant - has encouraged me.

  5. Love the idea of a book for presentation and really love the book you made!!!

  6. WOW Jane I LOVE this, what a masterpiece!


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