Friday, October 14, 2011

Jenny's October letters

I realise that these are early, but I have been on school holidays for 3 weeks, which was the perfect opportunity for some calligraphy!  The alphabet that I have been making is written on a background that I made earlier and cut up into the correctly sized squares.  I realised recently that for this piece to work, some of my squares were going to have to have more than one letter on them.  It was a bit late to put conventional letters together (i and j, say) so I chose to put t and s together as there was space and I thought the layout would still work.  Unfortunately it puts t before s, really, but I guess no-one will notice in the end, or if they do, it will be one of the imperfections that makes handmade things interesting!


  1. I really like the background and your resolution of the problem - and your approach! It will look good all together when it's finished. Lovely letters.

  2. Definitely a handcrafted gem... love the whole concept.


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