Monday, October 31, 2011

A Vegetable Letter surprise

OK I know this isn't really a letter... and its definitely not going to be my next alphabet, but I laughed when I had washed these and had a few draining by the sink.

Our soil is too dense for carrots really, hence they take off into weird and wonderful shapes.  This couple of odd-looking folk when placed together, made an interesting "M" I thought.

Must just be the letterer in me who sees letters in the weirdest things...


  1. Ah yes ... reminds me of my father who had the most amazing anatomical carrot photographs. I should try and find out who, of my eight siblings, has them to show you. x gb

  2. teehee Fiona, what funny looking carrots - I seem to grow carrots like that too :-D

  3. Oh fer heaven's sake! Of course! Edible letters. We DO see the alphabet everywhere, don't we?! Julie


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