Wednesday, January 4, 2012

late but...

finally done!
With immense feelings of guilt for not having delivered my coloured alphabet on time..., but also with a triumphant sense of accomplishment(!!!) for having finally completed it, here is my second set of letters for the ALAW 2011 project. This time I chose my native language's alphabet: greek! I "drew" it in photoshop and then played with a scanned monotype from a just completed series titled: "landmarks".
I enjoyed being part of this international art space and loved seeing the amazing alphabets produced by you..., and you.., and you, and all!!! 
Fiona, thank you for welcoming my participation and for creating this lovely project that truly gave me some fun breaks... All the best wishes to all of you for the new year and for all your future projects,
Happy 2012!
"memory landmark III", monotype - 11 x 11" - 2011


  1. Well done Anna... you've beaten me. I still have to assemble mine into a book.

  2. Congratulations on finishing this pieces Anna; not easy with all the other commitments! I like the drawn letters, and the beautiful backgrounds, and then the addition of the insects and moths - just wonderful! Thanks for participating, enjoy the year ahead, F

  3. I could have sworn I just did this!!

    Beautiful! I love the addition of the insects. (I still haven't finished my second alphabet either!)

  4. This is truly amazing, Anna - so much creativity on so many levels. All the best for 2012


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