Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Helen's first few

Am trying to relax my style from being so precise, so these are basically doodles. Have only a vague idea of my finished piece at present as I am hoping it will take on a life of its own and grow.

Till next time
Helen Irving


  1. Helen, I love your "doodles" ! (I learnt a new word!)

  2. Ooooooo, Zentangles! And such delicate ones. GREAT creative doodles!

  3. I love these Helen - the loosening up, free play kind of thing.I also really like your paper - can you say what it is?

  4. Hey Helen, are these "pen & ink"? Love them! I too have doodled since the womb but everyone calls them Zentangles thesedays. And ... if you have done a Zentangle course and you go back to your plain old doodling they ask you to call your work "Zentangle inspired". I call mine "doodling". Nice doodles H! x gb

  5. Hi Helen, They look like beautiful butterfly whisperings.....


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