Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - JKLM

BLACK & WHITE With a touch of... ME, RED, & my focus on PLASTIC!

I seemed to be settling into my challenge I have set myself (within the ALaW challenge) on the reduction of my plastic consumption quiet nicely. Last month I found myself in a flurry of frustrations not knowing which way to turn. Ten weeks in, and my efforts are now paying off I'm starting to notice less plastic in the bin.

This months letters have been fun and in my typical way of creating I've gone deeper and deeper into my inner world. This is where the ME comes into it and the colour RED ofcourse represents the life force that pumps through my vains, sustaining, nurturing etc....

J - With a touch of... The Joker this guy was scrificed for art - I loved to play cards! So many fond memories when time just ticked by and it didn't matter. Hours with buddies, hard laughs, drinks, and bloody good fun! Yep, there would be plenty of jokes played (on each other) and told, so many big belly laughs... 300gsm paper, black printing ink applied by scraping off excess, black stitching on the treadle, joker playing card, and plasitc rim.

K - With a touch of... Being 'K' why not reflect me in some way? I have this groovy door curtain of round red & golden yellow transparent plastic (yes plastic). I stare through it every morning and day dream before getting out of bed. I also have a pair of sunglasses with red lenses that I occassional wear, for when I want to see life a little different! 300gsm paper, black printing ink scraped back with a comb, red & black stitching on the treadle, double sided tape, red transparent plastic, and plastic rim.

L - With a touch of... L is delivered on more of a serious note. I often question myself. Repeatedly on all areas in life, my up bringing was; respect your elders, do the right thing, children are not seen and not heard you get the drift... so I am forever asking myself, do I measure up? my answer always come back to "it keeps me honest!" 300gsm paper, black printing ink woodblock, red printing ink applied with a patterned rolling pin, red & black stitching on the treadle, plastic tape measure and rim.

M - With a touch of... I went all patriotic on this one. An Australia Day stick-on tattoo with melted initial seal wax dripped on - a few hidden meanings to this one! 300gsm paper, black printing ink M monoprint, red stitching on the treadle, stick-on tattoos, seal wax and plastic rim.


  1. Great work Kim. Love the texture and the red thread.

  2. Deep thoughts and questioning are going on there Kim, I can relate to a lot of what you say. Your art relects your knowledge of yourself and your beautiful "honest" soul. Thank you!

  3. love the found eco....means good girl in japanese....

  4. Love these - I keep coming back to them,


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