Monday, April 25, 2011

Continuing along - Fiona

We have been away most of this month and are home for a few days over Easter, so I kind of had to do "4 letters a month" this time; making all 4 letters over the past few days.

I have completed m,n,o and p which keeps me on track I think!

Here are last month's (which were still on the table waiting...) and this month's all bundled together. I like the graphic nature of them they look so startling all together.

And here is 'M', nicely folded

This month's quartet all folded and tossed together...

I love the angles and the shapes these form; I could play with them for ages!

I am still pondering the final putting together..turning out to be quite indecisive with regard to it! We shall see...


  1. I feel the folds really change the look of the work. I like them (folded) open but hiding a little something. Would they sit as tiny bowls ... nice for a dinner party with arty friends, with treats in them. Perhaps?

  2. addendum ... do they have to have a use, other than being beautiful ...

  3. Fiona, every time I see your letters they remind me of a beautiful scarf one would be proud to own. I hope someone takes that idea and runs with it. Ann S.

  4. Such teensy weensy fingers you must have Fiona. Well done.

  5. It looks like they are growing their own way and have will have no worries ...they will form themselves...they have life.


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