Saturday, April 30, 2011

JGR April letters

Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a good month. It's hard to believe April is almost over!
I continue to enjoy the dual aspects of this technique: Part control and part 'wing-it' LOL!
M has a stark contrast between the black and polka dot center and the subtle almost delicate lettering on the left and right.
N has just a snippet of the dark and a bit of scribbling near the bottom . . .
O has almost a striped effect with contrast near the top and crackl-y texture near the center. . .
P has a somewhat 'faded' look: light on top getting darker near the bottom.
As always, thank you for viewing. Happy weekend to all!


  1. Lovely letters Jane, as were your previous. Am looking forward to the entire collection.

  2. Love the colours, as a matter of fact, love the lot!

  3. Great effects Jane! Thank you, the month has been creative & relaxing!

  4. De belles lettres et de très belles couleurs également. J'aime beaucoup.
    _ _ _ _ _

    Beautiful letters and beautiful colors as well. I really like.

  5. Beautiful! I am looking forward in seeing them altogether.


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