Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marching on in March - Fiona

Phew - made it!

Here are the four letters for March - again overlays of italic done with different sized and styles of nibs with a hint of gold.

I haven't folded them yet as I have been thinking about changing the look of the final piece.  I think they will still be folded, but I am thinking of arranging them slightly differently.

We have been away a lot and staying in different places, so as I try to get to sleep at night I have been imagining these folded pieces and their possible combinations and variations. The act of counting and concentrating seems to be enough to send me off, but I'm not sure yet if its the right approach for creating beautiful art! We shall see.

So for now; they will probably be folded but not held together.

If I get the chance I might re-do the 'i' - the five pronged music nib was a wee bit full when I hit the paper with it, creating a great big blob-line. Sigh.


  1. Fuss pot - the 'I' is beautiful as it is - shows a bit of individual character. xoxoxo

  2. Gorgeous Fiona! That spot of gold really sets off the letters!!

  3. As always lovely work Fiona. Leave the accidents, they make the work unique... like a Persian carpet.

  4. Lookinf forward to how the design of these little letters unfold ... no pun intended!
    Good stuff Fi.


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