Friday, August 12, 2011

finished first ABC 2011 from Mieke.

Yippee, I got it done this week, Pfffffffffffffff........
No it wasn't all that bad, I enjoyed working on this ABC very much, totally different from what I am been doing the last couple of years  so a nice change.
The book all wrapped up with silk and satin multi dyed strips.
the binding of the book are strips of tea-dyed muslin.
Front cover.

Back cover.

Detail of the straps on the front.

Just the other strap!

close-up of the cover

And the book opened up, you can't really see the pages well here, you just have to go back to my other posts, sorry....


  1. What a fabulous book Mieke - a stunning creation!


  3. What a beautiful and very creative project!!! You create charming world from things other people usually throw out:) A pleasure to see your works:) Greetings, Danka:)

  4. I love these letters and followed the progress through the ALAW blog. Your final book looks fab!


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