Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Noela's B & W with a touch of....

Hi everyone,
Yes, I know I have dropped off the radar, but I HAVE been doing 'stuff' with my letters.
I was in Morocco, UK and Europe earlier this year and I deliberately took photos of text to use for this project. I have chosen to drop the piccies back to B & W and then add some sepia for my touch of colour.
Most photos have not been edited except to change the colour and maybe to delete some distracting background.
I have made a prototype concertina book, printing onto old heavy weight paper, but would like to make another more interesting book for the final product. This is where I get stuck - my book art skills are lacking. This is the 'front page' of the prototype.

..so here we go with letters for July:
... HUGE shop front letters in London,
...municipal logo on large bin 'skips' in Barcelona,
...bronze doors to Gaudi's amazing 'Sagrada Familia' in Barcelona,
...many of my letters are derived from this door, so here is the original ,
...HUGE shop front letters in London,

A,B,C,D of concertina book


  1. Love London Noela, love your letters, can't wait to see the whole book!

  2. What a brilliant approach, what an ingenious way of selecting / forming them! A most unique and full of special meaning alphabet!!!

  3. Yummo Noela!!! Oh so creative thinking, well done.

  4. Oh these letters are wonderful!! And I love the black, white and sepia, very classic.

  5. These are beaut. Seems that even on hols your creativity is always lurking in the background.

  6. so beautiful! very interisting. colors are great.

  7. Simply stunning N - it looks brilliant so far!

  8. fannnnntastic Noela great idea, wonderfull execution.


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