Thursday, January 26, 2012

Late.. but done at last ... JO

Have been putting off the completion of my second alphabet for 2011. You know what it's like when you aren't too confident about something... procrastinate right?!
I'm no bookbinder and this was quite a challenge for me. Sooooo, here's the finished product:

Forgot to take into account the thickness of each signature and perhaps should have put some sort of 'spacer' between them to get them to sit well (and tightly).  Maybe those bookbinders out there will have a tip or two for me.

Not perfect by a long shot... and I might just undo it and re-sew if required for a show, but it was a great learning exercise and the next book will be better. 

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  1. Well done Jo, love how you have put it together and your paper is gorgeous, love the string/bead bits that you sewed it together with being such an integral part of the finished piece.


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