Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gemma's April letters

Don't these look like little creatures?  Perhaps I should rename them Conversation Critters.

If you can spot the mistake, I'll buy you an ice cream or a late when you visit Tasmania!


  1. o-p, p-o...
    I WANT my ice cream someday...
    Oh, how I LOVE what you've done with these...

  2. Well done Anna, you get the ice cream. I admit I was too lazy to correct the mistake as I thought "what fun"! :-)

  3. I noticed the same mistake as Anna. You do have to look as when they are folded it isn't obvious. I wouldn't correct it--makes them more human and adds an interesting story to the whole process.

  4. Oh Gemma, you don't make mistakes!!
    Just because you switched the P and O, doesn't mean you didn't do it on purpose!!!
    And why don't we all show up for ice cream!!
    Beautiful letters as always.

  5. Okay ... ice cream for everyone. Now the airline ticket to Tassie is $$$$$$

  6. Honest Girl ! Don't deliver to Canberra or they will be dripping. Glorious weather. Ann

  7. I sign of the artist's hand, a little like a Persian carpet.

  8. Gemma, I am curious about your blue, green and yellow soap shaped items in your photos....I can see the name Faber-Castell on them, are they indeed pastels or chalk?? And if so, how unique!!


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