Sunday, July 10, 2011

Final completed pieces

My first completed blog was a Square, my second was a Rectangle and my Third WAS to be a Circle. I made the circle using 2cm squares and it all went together beautifully using all 26 letters but when I tried it with the 7x7 squares the weight couldn't support it self. I had to make a very quick decision to revert to what I knew would work, so here we are again using the Square.
I have the 4 letters on each side, 4 for the base and 2 on each of the top flaps. [totaling 28], I used an Ampersand and a drawing of how I accomplished each letter to complete my Box. Internal colour is Orange matching the artwork in each individual letter.
Ann S.


  1. This works wonderfully well. Clever you.

  2. Ann, astonishing, as always. You are inspirational and I am looking forward to you finding a way to solve the circle puzzle - maybe look to a soccer ball for inspiration with the stitching of hexagons or octogons or whatever they are.

  3. A stunning finale Ann! Best wishes as you explore other things, and maybe manage to resolve the circle dilemma.


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