Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - almost complete!

YAY! My first alphabet for 2011 is almost finished. My perspex arrived last week so I was able to start piecing it altogether, I'm just waiting on the base to complete the piece.

Sandwiched between two sheets of perspex, each letter (on 7 x 7 cm square 300gsm paper) are held together with stainless steel miniature bolt & nuts, as well as, one at each corner with spacers allowing the letters to swing within the sheets.

Then, turning it around you can see stitching and the makings clearly visible.

A close up as to see the perspex joined together with the nuts & bolts.

And Z in its own little display box living in the land of Z'topia. Lovely little base to hold it upright.

Side view - you can see the base with grooves to hold Z up and the nut & bolt at the top to hold it in place.

Then again being able to see the makings from behind.

ps. I must thank my brother Richard owner of Australian Marine Windows for supplying me with all my perspex. His schedule is so busy with installing boat screens all over the world, and yet he still manages to find the time for me!! Thanks bro'


  1. Great work Kim. It's come together soooo well... Should I put Ztopia into my travel plans?

  2. Just found this blog . . Kim . . your wonderful talent is so versatile!

  3. Hi Jo, thanks yes yes pack z'topia. I live in z'topia everyday well k'topia! :-)

    Hi Jann, nice to cross paths again, and thanks! Kx

  4. love the freshness of the colours and materials front and back.....Christine

  5. Hmmm do I love the front or the back the most? Love all the threads dangling on the back, love the way the front tells such an interesting story; and love little ol' "Z" over in Z-topia - the perfect solution!


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