Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Greg's completed alphabet

The idea of this was to base a whole alphabet on the shape of a heart because upon hearing the theme of black and white with a touch of colour I immediately thought of a deck of cards.

I know that hearts are of the red suit but I figured that that could be my touch of colour! Each letter is based on forms that can only be managed from a heart that strictly fits into a 7 cm by 7 cm grid – hence the need to collage the pieces together on a black background.

Paper - Canson 38 Black
Writing material – white chalk – and did this take a long time to find – every ink and pen I tried was an expensive mistake in ethereal wishy-washiness.
Sprayed with a working fixative.
Red Gouache for the surrounding heart.


  1. I love this idea Greg and that you managed to create letters that incorporate heart shapes throughout - each and every one harks back to a heart! Nicely put together and thanks for the tips re the white chalk!

  2. How romantic... well done Greg. Did you try a whiteout pen? I find that often gives a nice line.


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