Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As usual - running late

It was September when I last posted letters to ALWA 2011. I have been creating my post with the words BE, PAX, JOY and MINDFUL on four faces.

 I now need to present the rest of the letters on the post. I have used the balance of letters to create a base border on the post as you can see from the photos below. Of course I did not have enough letters so I have used a boxed X as a filler.

And below are a few photos of the post as a whole - it now sits in gravel garden area on our block.

Barry Smith © My favourite - Be Peace

The post is about 1.2m high and 150mm square. It is a post for Peace. It will age gracefully in the elements.


  1. Wondered how the other letters would fit in. You are a creative genius Barry.

  2. bollards of words like separated fence
    posts leaving spaces for more words
    across the glass house mountainous horizon....
    Christine E. goodjob boss!

  3. I really like the way the letters suit the material you have used. I love where you have situated the piece - it seems to rise above the landscape.

  4. B - a very resolved piece, and of course I like the additional touches of rust!


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