Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Noela's November letters

...'Q' was a wooden stamp that I found in the Brick Lane markets in London.
I was so excited when I found many large trays of typeface - wooden and 'copper' - what a find. They were rather expensive, about 4 to 10 pound each, but I bought about 60pounds worth so got a bit of a deal. About 4 months ago I washed and cleaned the 'copper' typeface only to discover that they were in fact copper coloured plastic glued onto weathered looking chipboard/cardboard. ---Ripped off!!! My daughter is still in London and she went back to the stall holder and told him the story - Don't think he believed her.
The 'R' is from the sign 'Riad' in Morocco which is like a guest house.
'S' is again from Gaudi's bronze doors on La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
 The 'T' is from the sign 'Attic Rooms' - a pub sign in Surry. This fabulous pub had such low ceilings that even I had to duck - and I am only 5ft tall.


  1. Your letter series is so interesting - I love that each letter has a story and memory of where you took it. I have a few signage ones I've taken but I'd be hard pressed to remember where they're from. Better start labeling my files better! This is a great idea.

  2. I love this alphabet Noela - so sorry the copper wasn't real. Just one thing about that photo...if they were really printing type the letters would all be reversed for print, and I can see quite a few that are reading the right way (unless you flipped it?) I'm now wondering if the whole shebang is a sham??? F

  3. There are so many memories attached to these letters... a wonderful keepsake... but if you part with it your memories stay with you.

  4. Thanks Terrie and Jo - yes, it is a good way to remember some of the little things along the way, and yes, Fiona, I DID flip the image to more easily find the appropriate letters for the alphabet - I should have flipped it back before posting the image - good spotting xoxoxoxo Noela

    posted by Fiona because Noela couldn't leave comments today - I left out the swearing bits!

  5. Great work Noela, love them! x gb


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