Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lyndell's second alphabet

I had a couple of weeks off and during that time I made a concerted effort to finish up the alphabet and put together the display. Maybe it's because I'm getting older but time just flies by.
As it happens, these letters turned out to be black and white with a touch of red! Pure accident. I have used an old reclaimed book to alter the book and then insert the letters into the pages. I sort of had the idea that the letters would look like they were falling out of the book. Not sure that it worked as well as my imagination had thought it would.
I've had fun this year both with my own letters as well as keeping up with all the other blogs.


  1. Great concept Lyndell... I love it.

  2. wow - i love this!!! the finished product looks terrific and the individual letters are so striking.

  3. I love it and wish I had thought of the idea! Its worked out really well and looks great- fabulous!

  4. This is stunning Lyndell, I love it! x x gb

  5. Your letters are beautiful - one of my favorite alphas. And your display is SO creative - I like the idea of letters falling out of the book!

  6. L- amazing - love the structure of the final piece - great. B


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