Monday, November 7, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - NOPQ & R

Hello everyone! It is so wonderful to see some stunning alphabets happening - Time is zipping by so quickly and I see alot of you have almost finished your alphabets already. So I thought I better do catch up!

Last month my letters were so bright and cheery, maybe because it was the first month of Spring and I had a lot of social gatherings and fun times. This month I've gone all neutral colours, it's funny how my mood is effecting my letters with this alphabet, this month I am recovering from my social butterfly activities :-)

N - torn from a scrap of paper with mark makings; inks and shellac.

O - random piece of timber I found one day and was lying around in my sewing room.

P - I tried my hand at stocking flower making, a spare petal with attached stem to make a 'P'.

Q - paperbark shredded from our Melaleuca leucadendra fine leaf form (Tea-Tree tree), cut into a 'Q' with sissors and sewn on.

Close ups...


R - a recycled used silk T2 teabag cut into an 'R' partly sewn on then filled with the used peppermint tea leaves and sewn closed.


  1. I just love that O Kim - simple and beautiful.

  2. So creative and unexpected use of materials! Great project....

  3. These letters are little gems Kim... each a work of art.

  4. Hi Fiona, as soon as I found the O I knew I would use it in my alaw challenge.
    Hi Terrie, thank you, now it's getting the thinking cap on for the final result!
    Hi Jo, thanks :-)

  5. And your sewing machine is working, unlike mine, I am jealous!!! Kim, these are great, love the quirky nature of them all.

  6. Hi Gemma, my apologies for the late reply! Sorry to hear your machine is not working, I'm amazed I've had mine for nearly 30yrs and it still keeps going. I hope you can find a way to repair yours...they are certainly great to use!


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