Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wendy's Second Alphabet

I thought about my second alphabet for a long time and finally decided on "Party Neuland". I took a workshop with Sandy Sommerfeld several years ago and we did an outline Neuland which we divided into sections and then added some embellishments. We added colour with highlighters. When my husband saw my first attempts at this lettering style, he said it looked like it was going to a party. Hence, "Party Neuland". I found some party scrapbook paper--party hats, noise makers and candy and used it to make origami pages for my book. The letters are inserted into the pages. At the moment I have 5 books, but I will probably join them all to make one long concertina.


  1. Wendt I love the way the letters fit within the folded paper pages - very neat! They are such happy-looking letters on the look out for a party for sure. It's beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Fiona. I forgot to say that I had used watercolour for the colours on these letters. Highlighter ink is definitely permanent!

  3. What gorgeous happy letters. Lovely work.


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