Thursday, March 24, 2011

Noela's March letters

Yes, I'm a week early - hooray - I need to get a bit ahead of myself as I will be away for a couple of months and need to get a bit of a stock pile happening.
Here are the letters i, j, k and l, loosely based on the Mayan alphabet, created with copper wire sandwiched between layers of teabag and scumbled with gold wax. They will hang in a window when finished.
...taken with flash... 
...and without flash.

I really love the alphabets that are appearing from the bloggasphere. I don't always comment, but I am often awestruck by how you all manage to make so much of a single letter!!, and I especially love the companionship of everyone in these trying times xoxoxoxo


  1. This will be a tour de force when all displayed together. Have a lovely trip Noela.

  2. Hi Noela,
    Your letters are stunning! I like what you said about the companionship, too. Safe travels!

  3. Just marvelous Noela - beautiful. Safe travels! x gb

  4. wonderfull again, have a save and joyfull trip xx

  5. These will make for a stunning window display!

  6. Love these - they are really 'cute'!

  7. Hi N - it's funny how you can almost see little people in these letters. I think they are going to be gorgeous when finished - and it IS inspiring to see So many letters frOm so many angles. Travel safe.


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