Monday, March 28, 2011

JGR March Letters

Hi everyone, this year is really zooming by and things have been busy here. I'm dangerously close to being 'caught up' though. LOL. Here are my letters for March: I, J, K, L.
I continue to enjoy this spontaneous and slightly unpredictable technique.

Some areas of the texture are delicate and subtle . . .
. . . others are bold and dark,

. . . and they all just make me smile. Thank you for visiting-have a great week!


  1. Enjoy them all the more for this very reason Jane! x gb

  2. Jane I love the elegance of the letters and then am intrigued by the backgrounds used to fill them; and want to go investigate!

  3. They make me smile too, Jane!! Gorgeous! And I love the way you can almost look through each there is a room behind it.


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