Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March letters from Mieke.

My next four and previous finished pages.

I,- A photo of a sweet angle,again all printed on muslin.

J,-My daughters hand print in clay, about 16 years ago!

K,-A beaded tassel

L,-A print from Africa.

And then the letters from last month in there next stage

background of material from many years back (about 35!) I just love it so its still here.

Background of tissue-paper from blundstone shoebox.

background of tea-dyed muslin with  some nice coloured leaves I found.

Background of a mixture of muslin, flower material from above and a bit of one of my collagraph printing board.


  1. You are not just a potter Mieke, but a producer of very thoughtful and creative art.

  2. I love these - they take my mind to so many places. Helen

  3. so delicate. backgrounds are very interisting.

  4. Lovely Mieke. I love the textural background compositions ... all little works of art in their own right.

  5. Mieke - I think this work is amazing and astounding - so much interest and so many layers and lovely textures captured in the fabric. I never knew!


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