Monday, March 28, 2011

Late letters for February

About time, I know! I just couldn't get my letters done in order this time, try as I might. So H will have to wait till I am inspired. The letters sit on my desk staring at me and sometimes I spend hours trying to get them to work until I give up and the next time I go past, maybe a week later, it hits me. But the H is eluding me at the moment. At least A, B, C. D and E were done last time, so I am still one ahead. ... then I had lots of trouble trying to remember what my scanning settings were last time. So I hope they look the same!

Meg, confuzed as always


  1. I'm sure h will appear in its own good time! It's nice to hear how your letters sit then and subtly talk to you - I like walking past things a few times and then working out what needs to happen next. I really like the combinations you use here; subtle but great design.


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