Friday, March 11, 2011

February's Letters

I did the letters on time, but am a little slow in posting them this month. The first two continue the alphabet, but the S and P are early. I wanted to use them on envelopes for cards for two of my friends, so I did them early. I photocopied the letters onto the front of the envelope and then with a fine pigma pen, I lettered the rest of their name in architectural letters coming out from the base of the letters.

Wendy in rainy Burnaby, B.C.


  1. They are dancing letters Wendy - and I like that you could use them for something else in a clever way! Great idea!

  2. Not only playful but stylish, AND useful.

  3. These letters are wonderful! I'm inspired to try some versals myself! I'm enjoying your progress and process on this project very much, have fun!


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